Welcome to the about page of The Extra Screw 2.

What is this site for?

Our other site, The Extra Screw, is where we publish our high-quality, in-depth content. As such, we’re not always able to produce content on a set schedule. But, we have so much more to write about, so we decided to create another blog for our other content. The content you’ll find here is also high-quality, but not nearly as long or in depth as content found on our other site.

What about the newsletter?

If you’re subscribed to our newsletter, you may have noticed that we said we’ll publish mini-posts there. Well, we still intend on doing that every now and then, but this blog is where most shorter posts will go. The newsletter format still makes sense for shorter posts about current events, like a new product being released, or new legislation regarding technology. But, it doesn’t make that much sense for general-purpose content that we want everyone to see, so that kind of content will end up on this site.

How often will you publish?

As you may have noticed from our other blog, we’re not that great at following schedules. While we don’t currently have a schedule at all for this site, we do plan on posting here more often than our other blog. That doesn’t mean we’ll invest any less time in either blog; it just means we’ll also be posting here.